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So, what's Inside?
  • Detailed information to teach you about female ejaculation and the female orgasm from real men and women who have thousands of hours studying it as well as being fully experienced with the phenomenon. John F. Kauffman's 80 page E-book on Female Ejaculation and the female orgasm
  • Over two dozen detailed tutorials, demonstrations and testimonials on female ejaculation. Not from porn stars but real women.
  • Instruction of giving a woman intense, multiple orgasms
  • Instruction on overcoming barriers that can impede orgasm
  • Techniques for finding and understanding the G-spot and other spots located deep within the vagina
  • Best positions and techniques for helping a woman achieve a true squirting orgasm
  • Techniques for properly massaging and milking the vagina; to make virtually any woman squirt
  • Detailed erotic massage videos
  • Peer reviewed studies on female ejaculation and female anatomy
  • Exercises for women to increase the intensity of their orgasm and ejaculation
  • Full access to the community message board for others interested in female ejaculation
  • Email support

What's Inside

We will give you the keys to unlocking the door to a woman's 2nd Awakening. This is a term we use for women who have discovered sex and orgasm but haven't experienced to the fullest extent of her womanhood. To reach her true potential, some women need a little help and knowledge to awaken the body and unlock its secrets. Once she has done this, she has experienced the 2nd Awakening!

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  • "On a site I frequent, I was tutored by email exchanges about FE by the owner of this site. Within weeks I had my first female ejaculation and havn't slowed down since. His knowledge is vast on the subject!" -SL - NY, USA
  • "I was coached personally by John Kauffman, the founder of this site, and squirted more than ever before....he has magic hands!" -SG - NJ, USA
  • "I needed help with consistency and volume with my FE. Through email contact and coaching, I achieved that in just a few weeks. I was amazed at how easy it was once I understood it. Thanks John Kauffman!" -NX - NZ
  • "This guy knows more about a vagina than an OB/GYN!!!" -BH - CA
  • "I took personal coaching by Kauffman and made a woman ejaculate on the first try. It was well worth the money!!!" -TB - Vancouver, CA

So, how much does it cost?

For the cost of one date or a handful of useless porn you can educate yourself and explore the most amazing sexual phenomenon in the history of man. Become the woman you want to be...or the lover you should be, today!

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We offer a full 30 day guarantee on our membership fee. If you feel you have not increased your knowledge on female ejaculation we will refund your money 100%. It's that simple. This is a no-risk education on one of the most interesting and misunderstood phenomenon's on planet earth.

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